Who? What? Where? When? Why? HOW?

Good questions…. veeeerrrrry good questions indeed. Well, I am SO not a writer. I’m not very creative either. In fact, anything that has to do with art is usually forced out of me and results in a lot of frustration on my end. I recently admitted to my roommate, who is an extremely talented artist and musician, that my mind just isn’t wired like an artist’s in the slightest. BUT HEY, I’m starting to enter (& enjoy) that portion of my brain more frequently. And I’m always up for some good old fashioned frustration! Let’s do this blogging/writing/sharing my heart thingy ma jiggy.

I have actually always loved writing. Whether it’s for school, journaling, or writing on my computer.

School——–eh…. I may have just lied.

Journaling——-happens extremely often, and almost always ends up as prayer.

The writing on my computer—— happens occasionally, and I’ve noticed is a form of stress relief. In moments when I’m struggling internally and I happen to choose to open up my word docs and write, God reveals himself to me so graciously in the process of transferring thoughts to paper (or screen). And when I finish an entry I think to myself, “man, I’ve missed this. Why isn’t this a thing I choose to turn to every time I freak out?”.

So, here it is. My accountability partner named Blog, whom I’ve always dreamed of one day having. I don’t even know what will end up in here… lol. But I pray that whatever it is it’d bring glory to the Father-our Savior, our Redeemer, our Lord- For He is the One whom I belong to and yearn to know more deeply and intimately through this wonderful little space of writing. I will try not to be so anal about how perfect an entry is before I submit it, cause that’s what that whole vulnerability/being honest thing is about (hence why I’m writing this down so I’m held accountable for it in future writing sesh’s-see what I did there?).


There is absolutely no organization within the realms of this site.


I may already have an entry that wants to be posted after this one.






BLAST OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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